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Lexington Candy Shop's Press

See why New York Newsday calls us a "New York City Landmark".  Find out why British Traveler magazine included us on their list of "Top ten places to visit in New York City".  And discover why Travel and Leisure Family has said we are "The perfect destination for a family breakfast".

The New York Post:
"They just don't make milkshakes like they used to unless you find yourself at the
Lexington Candy Shop.
Here, great shakes are made with Bassetts ice cream...!
New York Daily News:
Best BLT in NYC
Best Shrimp Salad in New York
New York Times:
Best Lemonade in New York.
They make a great Coffee Malted!
One of the top 5 milkshakes in America
New York Magazine:
Malteds, the real thing, are almost impossible to find.
But not at the Lexington Candy Shop where they make malteds the old-fashioned way...
and for that we're grateful
Sweet and light... just a great egg cream
...A throwback to generations past... entertains kids with attentive service
Travel and Leisure:
For a well-executed breakfast, there's no better place on the east side than the Lexington Candy Shop.
Serious Eats:
my new favorite diner is: The Lexington Candy Shop…the service is superb and the food is really good...
Time Out New York:
Nominee: Best Diner in NYC
A wonderfully preserved diner...digging into gigantic chocolate malteds, perfectly grilled tuna melts...
our heart belongs to the top-notch lime rickeys.
Enjoy the epic collection of coca cola memorabilia along with fresh made sodas, burgers, classic sandwiches, and breakfast all
Milkshakes... This one's a classic
Lonely Planet:
Retro diner serving chocolate malteds, lime rickeys and great burgers.  Very kid friendly.